Licensing and copyright information

The course material is licensed under the Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0 International License. In addition to my own developed material, I have also modified material from the courses, workshops, and textbooks listed below:

Courses / workshops

Name Author(s) Links
STAT 545 U. of British Columbia course; GitHub
Patrick Meyer’s Youtube lectures Prof. Patrick Meyer playlists
Andrew Heiss’s data viz courses Andrew Heiss MPA 635, more here
Intro. to Data Visualization, Fall 2018 Peter Aldhous course site


Name Author(s) Links
R for Data Science Garrett Grolemund & Hadley Wickham online book; GitHub; purchase
Data Visualization: A practical introduction Kieran Healy online book; GitHub; purchase
Fundamentals of Data Visualization Claus O. Wilke online book; purchase