Before we start…

For this class, you’ll need to install some software and register for some tools. Go to the course prep page to get setup before we get started with class.

Teaching Team

Meet your instructor!

Dr. John Helveston is an Assistant Professor in Engineering Management & Systems Engineering. He does research on technological change, electric vehicles, modeling consumer preferences, and China.


  • 2018 Joined the EMSE Department as an Assistant Professor
  • 2016 PhD in Engineering & Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University
  • 2015 MS in Engineering & Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University
  • 2010 BS in Engineering Science & Mechanics at Virginia Tech

Meet your teaching assistant (TA)!

Saurav Pantha is a graduate student from Kathmandu, Nepal and is currently earning his MS in Systems Engineering. Before GW, he worked at a business consulting firm based out of Bangalore, India, helping multiple automotive & banking clients to solve business problems through data analytics solutions.

Meet your learning assistants (LAs)!

Jennifer Kim is a junior in EMSE and P4A alumni!

Quick class orientation


All course communication will be managed through Slack.

You can use Slack to:

  • Ask general questions.
  • Ask for help with an assignment.
  • Send direct, private messages to each other or the instructors (just like email…but better!)

RStudio in the browser!

If you’re having trouble installing R or RStudio, don’t worry - you can quickly launch a virtual version of RStudio in your webbrowser! Click on the logo in the menu bar and log in with your GWU web ID and password.

Note: You must be on the GW network for this to work. If you’re off campus, you can get on the network remotely using a VPN.

The syllabus

Take a look at the syllabus. This is your contract for the course - review it to learn what will be expected of you throughout the semester and how you will be assessed. Pay attention to the homework assignments and due dates.

The schedule

The course schedule is your road map for the semester. Visit it often to make sure you are well-prepared for class and aware of upcoming dates for assignments, quizzes, etc.

Communication & Help

This can be a challenging class - don’t suffer in silence! Look at the “Getting Help” page, come to office hours, send me a message on Slack.

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